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Fayetteville Sedation Dentistry

Rest. Relax. Refresh!

Lots of people feel nervous about dentistry. Others have difficulty keeping their mouths open or sitting for long periods. Still others have a strong gag reflex or trouble getting numb with dental anesthesia alone. All those things add up to an unpleasant experience in the dental chair – and that’s against our policy! We want all of our patients to be completely relaxed and at ease while they are with us.

A Gentle Touch and Extra Comfort Options

We offer pillows and all kinds of other comforts to help, but sometimes our gentle touch just isn’t enough. That’s when sedation dentistry – nitrous oxide – becomes such a great choice. This safe and effective sedative gas has been used for decades. You probably know it as laughing gas. We really like it because once your treatment is over, we simply administer a little oxygen and you are completely awake and ready to go. No lingering narcotic effects, and no need for a driver. If you feel nervous about your upcoming dental visit, please talk to us about dental sedation today.