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Fayetteville Orthodontics

Simple. Successful. Straight!

Confident. Beautiful. Envious. Those are just a few of the things you might think about when you see someone with perfect, straight smiles – especially if yours isn’t straight.

If you have spent your life wishing you could have straighter teeth, but now, as an adult, you worry about the unprofessional appearance of braces, we have the perfect solution for you! We offer clear aligners so you can maintain your appearance and get the confident, straight smile you deserve.

But straightening your smile is not only important for your appearance – it is important for your health as well!

The Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Straight teeth are healthier teeth. It’s true! If your teeth are crooked and crowded or too widely spaced, your gums are affected as well. Often patients come to us with swollen or red gums and are surprised when we recommend orthodontics. Properly aligned teeth allow gums to fit tightly around them – and that helps prevent a buildup of plaque under the gumline. Plus, straight teeth are easier to keep clean. Crooked, tight teeth are hard to clean between and patients sometimes avoid flossing because they just can’t get the floss between their teeth or because the floss breaks off and gets stuck. Who wants that? But without proper cleaning, your teeth are much more prone to tooth decay and that can lead to pain, inflammation, and infection that can spread throughout your body. Those infections have also been shown to raise your risk for everything from heart disease to certain kinds of cancer.

Isn’t it time you improved your health – and your confidence? Talk to us about our clear aligners today!

Invisalign customized aligners are clear, so no one will notice them when you speak, eat, or laugh. But just because they are clear doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. These aligners are powerhouses, moving your teeth into their ideal position as effectively as metal braces. They use the same concept, directional force, but instead of having your wires tightened, you simply swap one aligner for another as you progress. These braces can also be removed to brush and floss your teeth, to eat, and for special occasions. Singers, speakers, and musicians love them because they do not interfere with performance.


Very similar to Invisalign, ClearCorrect can help you achieve perfect, straight teeth without the need for metal braces. Smooth and comfortable, these clear aligners act as invisible braces. They do not abrade the delicate skin inside your mouth, are not noticeable in your smile, and can be removed for oral hygiene and meals. You can even add whitening gel to them so when your smile is completed, it will be brilliantly white. What could be better?